Employee Grant Program

Giving to employees that are in need of support

Wisconsin Hospitality Group has always maintained a dedication to giving. Throughout the years, we have developed several gifting / donation programs that have provided more than $2.5 million dollars in funding and support to various organizations and causes.

We are now proud to introduce our newest employee only gifting program called the Meaghan Fund. This program is unique to our other charitable programs because it is developed to provide assistance to our own WHG employees who are in need of financial assistance due to a catastrophic event.

The Meaghan Fund is an employee grant program which raises funds through employee payroll deduction contributions or one-time donations. The funds will be a resource for use in supporting our own WHG family members with assistance when they need it most.

A small donation can go a long way. With our vast employment resources, simply small contributions can make a big difference. For example, only $ .25 cents from every employee at every pay cycle can raise over $32,000; doubling that to $ .50 cents can raise more than $64,000 and a mere dollar will raise more than $128,000 in funds.

We hope that you will consider a contribution at a level that is comfortable for you and discover the gift of giving to the Meaghan Fund.




The Meaghan Fund has gifted $3000 to employees in need throughout the last three months and continues to raise funds through employee contributions.