Making a difference

Raising money to fight world hunger

Since 2007, Yum! Brands, including Pizza Hut, have held their annual World Hunger Relief campaign to raise funds for the United Nations World Food Programme and other hunger relief programs. Since its inception, over $185 million dollars has provided approximately 750 million meals around the world, and has become the world’s largest world hunger relief effort.

WHG Cares and its charitable partners – WHG and Pizza Hut – have raised more than $300,000 during the last 5 years and continue to work at meeting or exceeding their fundraising goals each year.  In 2015 during the World Hunger campaign period, WHG Cares is expanding their giving to local efforts and launching a first year campaign, Hut Food Drive, to raise food for local food pantries.  Click here to learn more.



The World Hunger Relief campaign kicks off on September 28 and runs through November 14th.  Visit any Pizza Hut to donate today.