Making a difference

In memory of a special person, Meaghan Rath

All current full-time or part-time employees of Wisconsin Hospitality Group are eligible to apply for grant funds. Employees do not have to contribute to the fund in order to be eligible for grant awards. Grants will be solely awarded based on availability, need and fit.

Examples of approved fund grants: • Medical expenses for unexpected health issues • Home repair insurance deductibles due to unexpected fire or weather-related hardship

The Meaghan Fund was inspired by Meaghan Rath, a special young lady who battled cancer for many years and always showed courage and strength.  WHG supported Meaghan’s parents, Ken and Kate Rath, both Pizza Hut GMs, during the very difficult time and provided financial assistance and flexible work schedules so that they may support their daughter and tend to Meaghan’s health issues.  The support and assistance provided to the Rath family is the first of many employee grants provided to WHG employees in need.



The Meaghan Fund has gifted $3000 to employees in need throughout the last three months and continues to raise funds through employee contributions.