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Community-based programs available at your local restaurant


Our Dining to Donate programs make it easy for your fundraising efforts to really pay off. The process is simple. Work with your local restaurant manager to pick a date. Then invite everyone that you know to eat at there on that day and earn a percentage of the sales generated. More people equal more money in your pocket. So rally the troops! We will do the rest. There’s no selling, no out-of-pocket expense, and no sweating it out at a car wash. Its stress-free fundraising made simple!

In 2016, our restaurants hosted over 233 Dining to Donate programs and raised $17,060 for local organizations.

Pizza Hut Dining to Donate Brochure



Your local Pizza Hut® offers fundraising cards in an effort to help your organization meet its financial goals. It’s easy, fun and beneficial.   The program includes selling peel off discount cards within your local community – great for school, church and sports fundraisers. Your organization buys the cards for $4 and sells them for $10 and you keep the profit.

The peel off card is accepted at all 73 Wisconsin Hospitality Group Pizza Hut® & Pizza Hut WingStreet® locations. For a list of locations ask your local Pizza Hut Manager or visit us at

Pizza Hut Dough For Dollars Brochure