Raising money to improve the lives of Children

The Applebee’s of WHG began their support of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in June of 2000 with the creation of the inaugural Hit the Links for the Kids golf outing and the Apples for Kids (AFK) fundraising campaign, featured in all 33 WHG Applebee’s restaurants.

Hit the Links for the Kids has grown exponentially over the past 17 years, becoming the cornerstone of the yearly fundraising campaign. The following four-week Apples for Kids fundraising campaign is hosted by each of the 33 restaurants. Guests are asked to purchase a paper apple for $1 to show their support of Children’s Hospital.

In 2017, WHG Cares and Children’s Hospital have deepened their partnership, and resolve to improve the lives of Children throughout Wisconsin. WHG’s 33 Applebee’s restaurants will be raising money to help Project ADAM – a group dedicated to providing life-saving cardiac defibrillators and training to schools in Wisconsin.

In addition to the supporting in the golf outing and Apples for Kids drive, team members donate their time and resources throughout the year to this worthy cause. They host car washes, bowling events, volleyball tournaments, AFK walks, and much more to raise awareness and funds for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Every member of the WHG organization is passionate about getting involved and making a difference in the lives of children. A phrase that can often be heard throughout the campaign is, “It’s for the Kids!” because that is truly the motivation behind each dollar raised and a source of pride for all



The 2017 Apples for Kids campaign runs from June 26th to July 23rd, benefitting Children's Hopsital and Project ADAM's mission to provide Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and training to area schools.
The 2016 campaign raised more $58,000 in charity funds for Children's Hospital programs.
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