Raising money for breast cancer research and screenings

Molecular Genetics Study

Generous support from APPLES FOR A CURE will help fund a collaborative molecular genetics study designed to gain insights on how genetic mutations may contribute to the development of specific cancers, including breast cancers.  Support will provide funding for local researchers, sample registries and critical clinical materials and processing costs associated with research, as it relates to hereditary cancers and cancer mutations.

Breast Cancer Services

ProHealth Care’s new first-class cancer center in Pewaukee, WI, which includes state-of-the-art breast imaging services, was funded, in part, by APPLES FOR A CURE. Funding will continue to support breast cancer screening and prevention.



The 2017 Apples for a Cure campaign runs from October 2nd through October 29th at all WHG Applebee's restaurants. Proceeds from discounted food and drink items and campaign items will go to breast cancer causes. The 2016 Apples for a Cure campaign raised $30,831 with help from guests at all 35 WHG Applebee's restaurants. The donations benefited a collaborative cancer genetics research project with City of Hope and continued to support state-of-the-art breast imaging services.
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