Wisconsin Hospitality Group

Local Franchisee with a Heart

Wisconsin Hospitality Group, LLC, was formed in 1998 to purchase and operate all 23 Applebee’s restaurants in Wisconsin. Shortly after experiencing initial growth with the Applebee’s brand, WHG purchased over 80 Pizza Huts in eastern and central Wisconsin, becoming the largest restaurant operating company in the state.

Today, the company operates 34 Applebee’s and 72 Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the state and employees more than 4200 people.

The company was founded with a steadfast commitment to taking care of its guests, employees and communities. The leaders had a vision for an innovative restaurant-management company that provides quality dining experiences for its guests while generating opportunities for employees and managers at all levels.

WHG’s business and community-based values have earned it a nationwide reputation. WHG has been selected as both a state and national finalist for the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Neighbor Award, which recognizes restaurants for providing outstanding community service and involvement.